Anal Hook for male chastity training and anal sex fun.
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Anal Challenge

AC6366 - $29.00

The Anal
Challenge anal hook gives you everything you need to find out how pleasurable
anal play can be. The hook allows you to experience the penetrating pleasure
you know you love so much without having to worry about having someone else
there to enjoy it with. Of course that doesn’t mean that you can't pull this
bad boy out for a night of fun together if you wanted to. Simply lube it up and
slide it in to experience the most ground breaking orgasms you could ever
imagine with something that looks so cold but feels so hot inside you.



Rise to the Anal Challenge

When you
think of anal play, you probably think about a finger or two and maybe a
smallish dildo or vibrator. When real men think about anal play, they think
about the use of the Anal Challenge hook and how orgasmic it feels to use it.
This monster of an anal hook will have you knowing right away if you are ready
for the intensity of a toy of this nature. In fact, it will let you know if you
are man enough to do a lot of things once you see what this thing can do to you
from the inside.

When you
think of the best orgasm you have ever had and then you consider what the Anal
Challenge can bring to the table, you soon realize that there is nothing else
on this planet that is going to be able to match it. At least nothing you have
done in the past anyway. This is one of those toys that you just can't live
without once you get used to it, and one that you will be thinking about the
entire time you are away from it. Few toys can do that to a man these days, but
this one definitely can.

If you have
never tried anal play before, then the Anal Challenge is probably something you
don’t want to start out with. This is definitely for those guys with moderate
skill in anal play and something that a beginner should definitely think about
working up to at a later date. But once you are ready for it, then there should
be no stopping you from experiencing this wonderful toy as often as you
possibly can. Just remember that out of all the anal toys on the market, this
is the one that you are most likely going to be addicted to for the longest
period of time.


  • Item #: AC6366

Anal Challange

Price: $29.00
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