Double bump anal hook for sexual pleasure, male chastity training, vaginal and anal use.
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Anal Challenge 2X

ACX2445 - $34.95

Anal hooks
are one of those things that no one realizes they want until they actually try
one out. Sure, they may look a bit intimidating to the uninitiated, but once
you start using an anal hook you will understand why so many guys are turning
to them for the pleasure they offer. That pleasure is doubled when you start
using the Anal Challenge 2X by Their regular Anal Challenge is
great for the beginner to accustom themselves with, but the 2X takes things to
a completely new level of orgasmic pleasure.

This anal
hook adds an extra two inches to the depth and a second ball to show you what
anal play is all about. The best thing is the ease of use at which reaching
your orgasm can be accomplished. There is no way that you can use this once and
put it up to forget about. This is a toy that will keep you coming back to it
every single chance you get.


Try Anal Challenge 2X for the
Ultimate Orgasm

For most
people, using the words “hook” and “anal” in the same sentence will ignite a
bit of terror. After all, who wants to think about a hook being inserted into
his ass? That does bring some chills to the uninitiated, and who can blame
them? This almost sounds like a medical procedure of some sort. Before you back
too far away, though, you need to know about the Anal Challenge 2X. The truth
is that these anal hooks will go a long way in helping you reach that out of
this world orgasm that may have eluded you in the past when you’ve used other
toys. Take a chance on the Anal Challenge 2X and you’ll see exactly what it can
do for your sexy solo play.

Now, you may
need to have a little practice on something a bit less intimidating as the Anal
Challenge 2X because this isn’t a beginner’s toy. This is meant more for
someone who has spent some time with an anal hook already and understands the
inner workings of one of these devices. On the other hand, if you’ve been using
anal hooks for a long time to increase your pleasure, you’ll be ready for the
extra fun that this hook provides to you. In fact, you may find that you’ll cum
a lot faster in the beginning when you first start using this hook. That’s due to
the extra features that the Anal Challenge 2X has included to create the
ultimate sexual experience for you.

While this
may have been designed for solo play, there’s no reason that you can’t use it
with your partner, if you have one. It’s certainly going to be very hot to
watch him get off while using this one.


  • Item #: ACX2445

Anal Challenge 2X

Price: $34.95
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