Anal Slave Lock Down
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The Anal Slave offers complete anal chastity for men or women. This all new monster slides in easy and then expands and locks into place, rendering your slave ass a no go zone. Nothing goes in and nothing comes out until you are freed from your imprisonment. Made of stainless steel and created to restrict access to your favorite hole; this is a gorgeous device that is crafted with loving care. This is a heavy device but, because of the design; it will not come out until you are released from the bondage. Needless to say, anything of this size is going to be a highly stimulating experience in all phases: having it inserted, having it expanded inside of you and having it removed offer’s some very special sensations. The Anal Slave is designed for experienced anal lovers.

Insert up to 5” and is slightly smaller than 1.7” at its widest point closed. Ball tip is 1.5” Opens to 4

  • Item #: ASLD8264

Anal Slave Lock Down

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