Anal Stretcher Plug
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Anal Stretcher Plug

ASP77 Priced from $48.00 to $88.00

When it
comes to anal fun, there is nothing more powerful, or amazing, than an anal
stretcher form These machined aluminum plugs will help stretch
your anus open nice and wide and keep it there for all the fun that follows.
With five sizes available, everyone can start having fun as soon as they want
to. The 1.5” plug is perfect for the beginner that is looking to break into
anal play for the first time. While the 2.5” will give even the most advanced
user something to think about when it comes to the true stretching ability of
their anus. Not only will they stretch you out, but you can use a number of
other playful items with them to experience your anal play in as many ways as
you are comfortable with.



Small 1.5"

Medium 1.75"

Large 2.00"

X-Large 2.25"

2X-Large 2.50"




Anal Stretcher Plug to Feel Your

Anal play is
something that can be enjoyed by just about anyone. Of course after a while,
there comes a time when you need to start using something a bit bigger in order
to get the same enjoyment out of it. That is when you should start looking into
the use of an Anal Stretcher Plug to help you ease into using something bigger.
You don’t want to just start ramming larger objects into your ass due to the
risk of tearing. Instead, you want to work yourself up to those larger items as
easily as possible.

is one of those things that you see on a regular basis and probably don’t even
realize it. Most people with piercings have a tendency to stretch a few gauges
depending on where the piercing is and the techniques they use to stretch those
holes are basically the same. But when it comes to anal stretching, you need to
use something a bit more sturdy and you probably aren't going to be walking
around out in public with it in, either. The thing you have to remember is to
only stretch up to the size that you are absolutely comfortable with going.

If you use
an Anal Stretcher Plug and it starts to become too painful for you, then you
need to stop and let your anus relax a bit. Never try to overdo what your body
can naturally handle. That is where injuries can happen and that is not a place
you want to have an injury. Take your time to stretch the proper way and you
will have a lifetime of anal enjoyment no matter where you are or what you are
doing. It’s the simple things in life that makes us happy, and anal stretching
can easily be simple enough for you if you take the time to do it right with a


  • Item #: ASP77

Anal Stretcher Plug

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