Ass Spark Double Bump
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Ass Spark Double Bump

ASDB5433 - $34.95

If you have
already purchased the Ass Spark and are comfortable with it, then you might be
ready to look into the future of your anal play. The Ass Spark Double Bump
takes all the pleasure and excitement of the original Ass Spark and multiplies
it by giving you two balls to slide into that anal cavity of yours. Not only
are you getting two balls to play with, but an additional two inches of depth
to make sure those balls hit the right spots. With a 1.5, 1.75, or 2 inch cock
ring to choose from the Double Bump will accommodate any size cock while
pushing into the depths for the greatest amount of pleasure a design like this
can bring to you.



Ass Spark Double Bump a Step Up from
the Ass Spark

For guys
that have already been introduced to the amazing Ass Spark from Koala Swim,
you’ve probably been having the time of your life when you decide to indulge
yourself in some delightful anal play. Now, if you happen to fall into this
group of guys, it’s time for you to move up to the next step in this arena with
the Ass Spark Double Bump. An additional 2 inches of length along with two
balls that will stretch out your pleasure path all move toward a brand new form
of ecstasy. This is a toy that will take you to heights you’ve only dreamed
about when it comes to solo sex. On the other hand, if you’ve got a partner,
this can bring hours upon hours of some of the most exciting love play you’ve
ever experienced. The sky really is the limit when you invest in one of these
great toys.

Only someone
with lots of experience in anal play can truly appreciate what a toy of this
caliber means and the sort of pleasure that it can bring to a man. That’s also
probably why it takes a man to design something like this because he will
totally understand what another man wants and needs when he’s enjoying some
anal play. When you decide to take a chance and try out the Ass Spark Double
Bump, you’ll see exactly what the raving over this device is all about.

Now if
you’re not all that savvy about what anal play means, you probably want to
start out with the Ass Spark because it’s more geared for beginners. Don’t feel
bad if you need to get that one first because everyone had to start out
somewhere. No one has ever been able to begin with the more advanced items
unless he just wanted to take a chance on hurting himself. Pain might also be
pleasure for some people, but not if means an emergency room visit.

  • Item #: ASDB5433

Ass Spark Double Bump

Price: $34.95
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