Ass Spark Invader
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Ass Spark Invader

ASI893 - $39.00

There are
erotic accessories on the market that will add anal play to your life like
nothing you could ever imagine, and then there is the Ass Spark Invader that
will bring anal play to you that you never even knew existed. The anal plug
pushes 5 inches inside you with a graduating system of balls that range from
.8” all the way to 1.5” in diameter. The addition of the cock ring allows you
to wear this masterpiece at any time you could want to, even at work if you are
the more adventurous type of guy. The best part is the fact that this wonderful
anal toy can be used with any item that has the Ass Spark attachment
possibility, although this one might push in a bit farther for some guys. If
you are ready to take your anal play to the next level, then this is the
accessory that you should be keeping a very close eye on.


Ass Spark Invader for the Risk Taker

Anal play is
one of those things that will definitely show you how much you understand about
your own body. But there are still guys that don’t fully understand what is so
special about it. If they only tried out the Ass Spark Invader, they would
fully understand what it means to enjoy themselves on a much deeper level than
ever before. You may not realize it right now, but using something like this in
the bedroom can even bring the most troubled relationships back to a common
ground and spark that desire that was present before things went south.

Being able
to have an anal toy that has a cock ring attached to it means that you are
going to be able to use this toy no matter where you might be going. Just think
of all the fun you could be having at work if you spent most of your day
sitting behind a desk in an office. Of course, you should be fairly advanced in
your anal play techniques before you start wearing the Ass Spark Invader around
town. Some people might notice that you are walking a bit funny and start
bringing up questions you don’t necessarily want to answer.

your anal play is something that you have to want in order to really benefit
from using something like this device. If you are ready to take that next step
and see what the anal world has to offer, then this is one of those toys that
you should definitely try to work your way up to. You are going to absolutely
love the amount of pleasure that you can gain from this item, and you won't
ever regret your decision to try it out. Just remember that these toys are
geared towards the amount of fun you could be having if you were willing to try
them in the first place.


  • Item #: ASI893

Ass Spark Invader

Price: $39.00
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