Ass Spark Monster
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The Ass Spark line of combination cock ring butt plugs have been our number one selling men’s intimate accessory for years now. There are many reasons for this. They are wicked hot looking and one of the most arousing toys a man can use. The Ass Sparks get and keep you highly aroused. In fact, it is almost impossible to keep the pre-cum from flowing freely. Slide your cock through the ring, insert the anal end and you will get hard. It will have you amazed as thousands of other Koala customers have been. Most Koala Ass Spark users start with the single Ass Spark. They work well for experienced anal sex devotes yet are still perfect for anal sex training. For many men who order the Ass Spark, it will be their first anal experience and one they will end up returning to over and over again. It is just that addicting. Most will then move up to the double Ass Spark. Once you had mastered the double Ass Spark; that was it until now. We are introducing the Ass Spark Monster, a triple ball ass lock with a split end cock ring. It is both an artistic design and an advanced unit for men with skills or guys that have conquered the single and double Ass Spark. This design is constructed of very heavy duty stainless steel, strong enough to last for years and sexy enough to keep you in constant excitement.


Ball size 1.2". 1.4", 1.6"

Insert 5"+

  • Item #: ASM8637

Ass Spark Monster

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