Ass Spark Rave
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We have increased the intensity of our world famous Ass Spark line by adding male chastity option styles. The Ass Spark Rage is a combination of total male chastity mixed with complete anal stimulation. The Ass Spark Rage offers total male chastity penis sex denial while training the wearer to accept and enjoy daily anal sex. This interesting mix will have your securely sequestered cock leaking pre-cum non- stop with no way to reach a real orgasm unless, of course, you can climax via the deep penetrating metal ball providing constant stimulation deep inside of you. The Ass Spark Rave experience is nothing less than incredible and, visually  the entire set-up is fantastic. 1.2” Ball and 3.5” shaft cage

  • Size: Small 1.5", Medium 1.75", Large .2.00"
  • Item #: ASR5287

Ass Spark Rave

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