Ass Spark Temptation
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Ass Spark Temptation

AST246 - $39.00

Want an anal
toy that is comfortable to wear on a daily basis and fits you almost perfectly?
Then take a look at the Ass Spark Temptation anal plug and cock ring combination
that has to offer. The cock ring fits perfectly no matter what
size cock you have, and the anal plug is designed to fit snuggly yet
comfortably inside you like nothing else on the market. Simply lube up the plug
with some silicone lube and insert to feel the richness of anal play that only
this device can give to you. It fits just about any item that uses the Ass
Spark traditional metal plugs, although it is a bit tighter for the loops. Have
no fear, though; these new items are becoming so popular that newer designs in
swim and fetish wear are in the works to incorporate them just for you.


Be Tempted by the Ass Spark

One of the
newest examples of the world of anal play; the Ass Spark Temptation, will show
you what you have been missing out on for all these years. There is no stopping
the amount of playful excitement that you can get from using an item like this
if you are used to anal play. If you aren't used to anal play or you have not
tried it as of yet, then you need to find something that will help you work up
to the level that the Temptation is willing to offer you. You won't be upset
when you finally reach that level, either.

Temptation is another design that fits almost all of the swim wear and fetish
wear items that utilize the Ass Spark items, although some of the items will
have a smaller hole for the anal plug to fit through. You can get it to go
through as long as you don’t try to force it, which might end up ripping the
material apart. But once you slide your cock through that cock ring, lube up
the plug and insert it inside you, there is nothing better than that feeling
that you are truly alive.

You could go
decades without finding the true nature of your most inner passions, but one
hour with the Temptation and you will instantly know that anal play is
something you are going to want to get a lot more of. Try it out for yourself
and see why so many guys are starting to turn their sexual escapades into anal
play time all over the world. They may not all be using the Temptation right
now, but if they knew about it and tried it out firsthand, they certainly
wouldn’t be worrying about any other anal toys that might be on the market.
This is the plug that will keep you happy as long as you own it.


  • Item #: AST246

Ass Spark Temptation

Price: $39.00
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