Ballistic Ball Crusher
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Ballistic Ball Crusher

BBC6879 - $68.00


Do you want
to crush your balls in style? Then, take a look at the Ballistic Ball Crusher
from This unique and entertaining crushing system utilizes a
metal base with a neon yellow acrylic top for your stylish enjoyment. It is a
style of crusher will give you hours of perverted enjoyment that you wouldn’t
be able to get from anything else on the market. Now, you can have the most
unique device you could ever hope for when it comes time for you and your
friends to spend some time enjoying the finer things in life.


sizes available:

Small 1.75”
Medium 2.00”
Large 2.25”




Getting to Know the Ballistic Ball


you are going to want a tool that simply does the job, and other times you are
going to want a tool that does that same job, but with a bit of style thrown in
for fun. The same thing can be said about the Ballistic Ball Crusher. You can
purchase any old ball crusher online that will crush your balls the way you
want it to and be done with it. But, sometimes, you just want to have some
style and fun while you are crushing your balls, and that is where the
Ballistic comes in to play.


When it
comes time to show the world exactly what type of guy you are in the bedroom,
then this is the crusher that you need. Not only does it function exactly the
way you want it to, but the neon yellow cover plate allows you to showcase that
subtle style you enjoy so much. Sure, it might not be every guy’s style, but
the ones that enjoy it the most will tell you that there isn't another crusher
on the market that will give you everything you could ever dream of. This is
that type of a fetish device.


It takes a
very special type of guy to realize that the ultimate sexual experience comes
from using something like the Ballistic Ball Crusher. You have to be willing to
admit that this could be something you want to delve into in order to get the
best possible experience out of it. If you can do that, then you will find that
there isn't any fetish out there that will even come close to matching the
excitement and fun you can get from a crusher like this. Besides all of that,
they just look cool when you are using them, and that is something a lot of
guys are looking for these days.



  • Item #: BBC6879

Ballistic Ball Crusher

Price: $68.00
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