Bling Butt Plug
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Bling Butt Plug BBP2497 Starting at $26.00

The Bling Butt Plug is a natural show off ready to dazzle at a moment’s notice. It is not only awesome to view from its mount inside of you, but with its ribbed extra-long shaft, it offers Bling for the inside of your love hole. Really, what more can you ask when this design offers strikingly hot looks from the jeweled end? Fun to the last drop as it stimulates while being inserted and continues to stimulate every time you move. Sounds like a juicy good time to me. The Bling Butt Plug offers stainless steel heavy duty construction that is made to last.

Small 2.25” X 1”    Medium 2.75”X 1.25”  Large 3.5”X 1.5”

  • Item #: BBP2497

Bling Butt Plug

Price: $26.00
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