Boys Don’t Cry Micro
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Boys Don’t Cry Micro BDCM8139 $59.00

The” Boys Don’t’ Cry Micro” male chastity cage is one of the most sensually seductive cock cages we offer. The Micro is a scaled down version of our best selling “Boys Don’t Cry” Cock Cage. The Micro is for small cocks that need to be locked up for good. The quality is outstanding, and we dare you to compare it to male chastity devices costing hundreds of dollars more. The quality is really quite superb! Complete and total security along with full denial is the name of this game; extreme security is it’s calling card. The cage can be ordered in five different cock ring sizes with the perfect one for you. The cock ring itself is a fully sculptured multi curved design unlike anything we have offered before, and it will provide you with one of the best fits you have ever seen.  Included with your cage is an optional 2.75” catheter. The stainless steel construction features a 3” longest point X 1” cage size. 

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  • Item #: BDCM8139

Boys Don’t Cry Micro

Price: $59.00
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