Brilliance Male Chastity Cage
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Brilliance Male Chastity Cage B3722 $69.00

This lovely and devious very erotic design has been created to lock that little penis away and inflict some additional pain, if necessary. Brilliance in an artistic, yet extremely functional design is what you will find in this particular cage. Created in ultra-shine stainless steel, it comes complete with a curved, form fitting, comfortable cock ring, it also includes a micro shell cage to hold the tiniest cock or compress your normal size shaft into a manageable package. Adjustable side pressure screws help notch up the pain if the wearer decides to get too excited. Although this is something that, with training, will rarely happen. 1.5”L X 1.5’ W


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  • Item #: B3722

Brilliance Male Chastity Cage

Price: $69.00
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