Brutal Cage
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Brutal Cage

BC8779 - $59.00

When you
think about a male chastity cage your first thought should be about the Brutal
Cage from This masterfully designed chastity cage gives you only
one option while wearing it; urination. You aren't going to be masturbating or
anything while you are wearing this crazy little cage, and that is exactly what
the design was created for. A lot of chastity devices out there give you the
option of teasing your cock while you’re wearing it to see just how far you can
take that control. However, the Brutal Cage takes even that away by locking you
up in a small cage that isn't going to allow even the smallest amounts of
movement inside. This is the cage that will define male chastity for you and
one that you should definitely try on for size.


Cock ring sizes

Small cock ring 1.5"

Medium cock ring 1.8"



Learn the Hard Way with the Brutal

chastity is full of device designs that allow different aspects to happen
depending on the type of chastity you want to experience. Some devices will
give you a bit more room where you can reach a partial erection or even a full
erection. Some devices will allow you to tease your cock a bit to see what kind
of control you can take on for yourself. But the Brutal Cage takes all of that
away and gives you nothing but the opportunity to relieve yourself when the
need arises. This is the chastity cage of chastity cages and one that you are
going to love wearing.

The small
and stout little cage takes every bit of room out of the equation and gives you
nothing but pure unadulterated erection control no matter what you or your cock
may think about it. This is like sticking a queen size mattress into a 13
gallon trash can and wearing it around all day long. If you aren't ready to
know the true definition of what male chastity means, then you aren't ready for
wearing this particular design and should probably look into another one to
satisfy your puny curiosity instead.

But when you
come to the terms of your needs to experience real chastity, then the Brutal
Cage is where you need to turn. This is a device that will have you wondering if
you have made the right decision in the first place. But once you get used to
it, you will completely understand why a man would decide to wear it. It’s
making it through the first twenty four hours that is the hardest to get
through and, once you can manage that, the world will be at your command. Just
make sure you aren't doing anything too strenuous in that first twenty four
hour period and you should do exceptionally well.


  • Item #: BC8779

Brutal Cage

Price: $59.00
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