Bull Dozer
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Male chastity device that completes the mission, splits, separates, and renders useless all for your enjoyment and pleasure!

The Bull Dozer takes a classic male chastity cock cage design and beefs it up big time. Heavy construction weighing in at 14.5 ounces with an optional use of a full flex catheter, along with stainless steel construction, double cock ring design that both screws and locks in place for total security.  This is a mid-size cage made for most shaft sizes. The Bull Dozer can handle tiny cocks as well as much larger ones because of the double cock ring design which keeps your cock locked in place while still providing a high level of comfort. Built in ball splitter to keep those tender babies comfy and looking sweet. . Dimensions: 3 ¼” x 1 1/8” Double cock ring thickness adds ¾” to total length.

Cock Ring Size:

Available in your choice of

Small 40mm


Large 50mm

  • Item #: BD2976

Bull Dozer

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