Butt Bong
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Butt Bong

BB7399 $97.00  Medium with 1.5 plug and $117.00 Large with 2" plug

Your college
party days may be over with, but that doesn’t mean you can't take one of the
most intense drinking devices and bring it straight into the bedroom. The awe
inspiring Butt Bong allows you to “chug” anything you might want into your anal
cavity. The butt plug comes in two different sizes so that you can experience
the irresistible sensation of having anal fun that you never could have
imagined before. This is one party item that people will be lining up to play
with at your next intimate bedroom affair.


Party with the Butt Bong

remembers what it was like in college to head off to a campus party and witness
the awe-inspiring usage of the beer bong. Those that tried this wondrous device
knew the immediate effect of using such an item and how wild the party could
get afterwards. But what if you wanted to take that party into a completely
different direction? What if you wanted to make that party a bit more erotic in
nature and bring anal play into it? Well, that is where the Butt Bong comes in.
This device will have you feeling good in no time.

The Butt
Bong allows you to take enemas of just about any type of liquid you could
imagine in one simple shot. The anal plugs come in two different sizes so that
you can get a feel for what you are bringing in without worrying about the bong
slipping out and making a mess. You just have to decide who is going to be
there with you to experience this fascinating fetish with your new toy. Just
make sure you have enough to go around because everyone there is going to want
to get a hold of this bong for themselves.

You can have
all kinds of fun with a Butt Bong, but you need to make sure that you are being
responsible. You don’t want to start using liquids that aren't going to work in
the way that an enema would. You want to make sure that you are as safe as
possible so that all the fun you are having can be enjoyed for a very long
time. Whether you are playing around with yourself or having friends over for a
late night party, the Butt Bong is something that can take everything to a
completely new level of excitement. Try it and find out why so many guys are
turning to this type of enema set up for their anal fun. It might also be a new
way to get fully intoxicated.

  • Item #: BB7399

Butt Bong

Price: $97.00
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