Butt Bong V
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Butt Bong V

BBV5698  -  $97.00
1 ½” Nozzle

BBV6698  -  $107.00
2” Nozzle

We've made the Butt Bong even more exciting with our newest Butt Bong V2.0.  Like our original, one end has a metal funnel, but with this version attached to the funnel is a unique ribbed rubber hose, and at the other end of the rubber hose is an exclusive butt plug nozzle with 5 balls/bumps.  The nozzle is machined from solid aerospace grade aluminum and finished in a brilliant brushed finish.  Available in sizes (1 1/2" and 2").
You will be creaming from the moment insertion begins. The metal plug with five ball design will take you to dizzying heights of pleasure, stimulation and excitement. That is all before the real fun begins!


Made in the USA

  • Item #: BBV5698

Butt Bong V

Price: $97.00
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