Butt Plunger
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Butt Plunger

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Teaching Tool

When you
first start out with anal play, you will need a toy that will help you reach
the limits of your orgasmic pleasures. But you don’t want to just grab a dildo
and start ramming it inside you. The Butt Plunger allows you to take in as much
as you can handle and still give you the limits you need to reach the perfect
orgasm. Starting out with a 4/5 inch ball on the tip to a perfect 1.3 inch ball
at the end, the Butt Plunger gives you 6 inches of playful intrigue as you see
just how far you can take your pleasure. Whether you are just starting out or
looking for something to really have some fun with, the Butt Plunger is the
perfect addition for your anal play needs.



Using the Butt Plunger to Learn

needs to have a starting point when it comes to anal play. There’s no way
around it. All men need to test their limits to see what they can take in this
very sensitive area of their bodies. Yes, the anal passage is their road to
unimagined ecstasy but it doesn’t start out that way. It’s something that has
to be worked into on a voyage of self-discovery that can last as long as you
want it to. The one thing that you cannot do is rush that voyage or you will
miss out on many things that you needed to have learned.

The Butt
Plunger lets you take in a little at a time into that your pleasure passage
while you learn where things need to stop before they become too painful in a
bad way or a threat to harming you. Only when you’re ready will you take in the
6 full inches that the Plunger has on hand for those guys that truly want to
feel that sensation that trumps all others. This is a device that, while is
also used for pleasure, is more of a tool to teach you how to experience what
you’re searching for in a sexual encounter, whether it’s on your own or with
another person.

Either way,
the Butt Plunger is going to take you on the ride of a lifetime as you practice
with it over and over again. If you happen to have a new partner and you
haven’t gone to that next level yet, you might get him to help you practice
with the Plunger. It will help the two of you become that much closer as it works
as a bonding moment. He will know that you’re doing this for both of you.

  • Item #: BP9345

Butt Plunger

Price: $28.00
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