Cable Man
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The Male Chastity Store in conjunction with Koalaswim offer one of the world’s largest and most complete collections of male chastity gear. There are so many cock cages to choose from. The fact is once you get into wearing them, you will want to add new ones to the mix. It is a natural progression to put a male chastity cock cage collection together. I know mine is absolutely huge! The reason I mention this is because there are times when I personally get very excited about a new cage, a cock cage I can’t wait to wear! The Cable Man is just such a male chastity device. For me, it was love at first sight. The way it looks just turns me on and I hope it does the same for you. It is such a unique design, a style so unique that, over the years, I have only seen similar designs a few times, and those cages were all custom and extremely expensive. The Cable Man is all stainless steel and has this really great price. This cage has everything going for it; looks, quality, uniqueness, and it is a real bargain!


Small 1.5"

Medium 1.75"

Large 2.00"

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Cable Man

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