Cheater Cage
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Cheater Cage

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There are a
plethora of cages out there that will keep you from getting an erection,
usually with some pain thrown in, but the Cheater Cage lets you experience what
having an erection and not being able to do anything with it is like. Most guys
will find that wearing this design will allow them the occasional chance of
getting an erection, but the only thing are going to be able to do with it is
show it off. The rubberized metal allows for long wear time and easy cleaning,
but that isn't going to matter much when you finally have it locked in place
and refused freedom.


Small 1.60"

Medium 1.80"

Large 2.00"



Cheater Cage has More than One Use

There are
chastity cages and then there is the Cheater Cage. Guys that wear chastity
cages know that it’s almost painful to get an erection inside of one, and that
is the basis of wearing them in the first place. But the Cheater Cage takes
things a bit differently. Instead of wearing one of these as a deterrent to
getting an erection, you wear one to experience what getting an erection and
not being able to do anything with it feels like. This is a great option for
those men and women whom have a partner that tends to get into trouble a lot.

This cage
also comes in handy for those couples that enjoy the slave fetish aspect. Your
man can get an almost full erection without being able to do anything with it,
and that means you can keep on teasing him for hours and hours on end. This is
more of a chastity toy rather than a strict chastity device, but you can wear
it as a device in the same way as you would wear other devices. Just remember
that it’s not going to stop you from getting an erection, but it can bring a
whole new aspect to having fun in the bedroom.

Guys that
love wearing chastity devices may not necessarily enjoy wearing something like
this, but they aren't going to know until they actually try it out. Some guys
have thought it would be interesting and found that still being able to get an
erection didn’t help. But others have found this design to be much more
comfortable for them on a daily basis which enabled them to wear it for longer
periods of time. The choice is yours, and you will have to understand what it
is you are looking for in order to be comfortable, but every guy out there
should try the Cheater Cage at least once in their lifetime.

  • Item #: CC8943

Cheater Cage

Price: $49.00
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