Cowboy Plug Cage
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If your man or woman wants to strap the Cowboy Plug Cage on your cock, then, obviously, you are a man that deserves what he gets. It is hard to imagine anything more secure when it comes to male chastity than a cage that locks on to the balls and, at the same time, incorporates a deep plunging penis plug. The Cowboy Plug Cage is one of the ultimate training tools and a fool proof male chastity cage for the man in your life who requires both caging and plugging. Whether you are a penis plug pro or you are just learning to use plugs, the Cowboy Plug Cage goes deep enough to keep you from even trying to have sex, but not so deep that newcomers will be unwilling to give it a try.


Small  1.5"

Medium  1.75"

Large  2.00"

  • Item #: CB5773

Cowboy Plug Cage

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