Crowned Head Male Chastity Cage
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Compare to custom cages costing $600.00+

This is one of the most awesome male chastity cock cages I have ever used. This new design features elite stainless steel construction with incredible craftsmanship. The Crowned Head is a “take no prisoners, no way to escape” cage. I love the way it is designed and the way it feels on my cock. It shapes you into a totally submissive position where you will stay until released for your bondage. Look and feel are extreme quality. A unique feature of this particular design is it's unique curved ring desgn.  The Crowned Head features two different locking options. First is the standard pad lock option and it includes a brass pad lock. The second option: an integrated lock option (internal style lock) and it includes that, too. The cock ring portion of the cage flairs out to a full inch in width, making this draconian cage a very comfortable one, too. The cage is 3” long at the longest point and 1 1/8” wide, but this cage will easily keep a flaccid penis under 1” extremely secure and, of course, you boys with shafts over 3”; feel free to cram it in. After all, you will not be using it anyway.


Small 40mm

Medium 45mm

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Crowned Head Male Chastity Cage

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