Deep Thriller Plug Rods
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Deep Thriller Plug Rods DTP3976  Starting at $21.00

Available in 3 different sizes.  Ranging from a very exciting 9”long x 1.5" followed by a challenging 9" x 1.75" all the way up to a luscious 9"” long x 2”.  The Deep Thriller Plugs go as deep as you wish for total ecstasy, but you can start with one narrow enough for a total beginner with no anal experience at all. Use a narrow size Deep Thriller Plug and it will be just a few minute from taking it out of the shipping box, liberally applying lube and having effortless no drama sex. Work your way up to the largest size and the Thriller Plug will fulfill your wildest fantasies or get you ready for any future fantasies you might be preparing for. 





  • Item #: DTP3976

Deep Thriller Plug Rods

Price: $21.00
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