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Much like
the Rage male chastity cock cage, the Deprived design is built for those guys
with smaller testicles or the advanced skill of getting larger testicles
through smaller holes. The one difference is that the Deprived cage allows guys
with larger shafts to enjoy the design and attention that the Rage can offer
you without feeling like you are wearing something much too small. No matter
what you might think about wearing a chastity device, having something like
this on will give you the feeling of complete control even if you aren't the
one that holds the key to your release.



Deprived Can be a Pain

One of the
best things about wearing a chastity device is in the act of pulling your
testicles through those small openings to keep them separated and bound. Now,
there are some guys that have smaller testicles and the traditional chastity
device doesn’t give them enough pressure to keep them separated and bound. The
smaller ones tend to slide in and out of these separators and that can get a
bit uncomfortable for some guys out there. Well, the Deprived chastity device
comes to the rescue by offering smaller holes for those smaller testicles to
find a home in.

Of course,
if you have large testicles and you are comfortable with pulling them through
smaller holes, then this could be the best torture device you have ever had the
pleasure of being forced to wear. I wouldn’t suggest a beginner with large
testicles try to wear something like this, but that doesn’t mean you can't at
least practice with it until you are able to do it correctly. Just remember
that if you aren't careful, you could end up hurting yourself severely with
something like this. Being careful and only doing what you are sure you can
handle is very important with things of this nature.

No matter
what you might think about wearing a chastity device, the Deprived will show
you what true control is all about. I have been wearing one for a few months
now and absolutely love the fact that I am forced into something that completely
takes all the control from me. This is one of my favorite devices, and there is
nothing quite like the feeling of having your testicles pulled apart and bound
in a way that makes you fully understand what a chastity device is really for.
Give it a try and see if you are man enough to pull your balls through those
little openings.

  • Item #: D3845


Price: $28.00
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