Detention Center
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This is one sweetheart of a cock cage. The Detention Center is one of the best places to do your time. Heavy duty but light weight, this stainless steel wonder almost has a dainty look to it. The cage is 1.25” x 3” and offers one of the most interesting features I have ever seen on a cock cage. The cock ring can be locked in place, but the cage can be used locked without being able to remove it unless the ring is unlocked, or it can be locked in place with the cage opened from the top with the cock ring locked in place. The cage is actually hinged from the front, giving your key holder or master some interesting options. There is one other option I love and that is the rubber safety cover over the cock ring. Most cock rings that open have a hinge on the bottom and, if you don’t slip you finger in there when closing the cock ring, you can pinch the skin. The rubber safety cover makes this ring so much easier than most to put in place.


Cock Ring Size

Small 40mm

Medium 45mm

Large 50mm

  • Item #: DC2889

Detention Center

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