Do Me Ribbed Ass Banger
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Do Me Ribbed Ass Banger DM3376  $79.00 

Huge and Heavy Ass Fun

The Do Me Ribbed Ass Banger is a beautiful tool of pleasure. The construction is stainless steel and ranks as the highest quality craftsmanship. It is designed for pure stimulation and, though it is designed for anal sex; it can easily do double duty for pussy play, too. The Do Me is sensuous to the touch. We know from our own experience using it that just holding it in your hands and feeling the ribbed hard metal, and the luscious penis shaped head is guaranteed to turn you on. It’s lights out when it penetrates you. 8" long. The head is 35 mm at the widest point.

  • Item #: DM3376

Do Me Ribbed Ass Banger

Price: $79.00
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