Double Pleasure Plug
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Double Pleasure Plug DP3886 $26.00

You first feel the bump go in and it feels so good. Then, the second slightly larger bump starts working its way in, and the smile on your face gets bigger and bigger. The double bump design on the Double Pleasure Plug was created to give you the most joyful smile on your face. This 4” long tool settles in for a hot session of anal stimulation. Sex on your own terms! With 1.5” at the widest point providing an easy entry oval head and solid aluminum construction that is built to last for years of fun. The jewel end is adorned with a retro flower design that you will want everyone to see. That is if you are into showing off your penetrated ass like I am.

  • Item #: DP3886

Double Pleasure Plug

Price: $26.00
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