Easy-In Stainless Steel Butt Plug
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Anal Dilator butt plug with removable ring handle. This stainless steel creation is designed for both anal play newcomers and hardcore anal fanatics alike. The Easy-In features a narrow smooth entry tip making insertion both easy and painless. The thick wide body is made to slip right in to, yet it will stay in place once inserted.  The removable ring-handle offers ease of insertion and removal inspection and access. Available in three sizes, order one or order all three as a set.

Small Plug: 2.75” insert size X 1” Max Width $19.95

Medium Plug: 3.50” insert size X 1.5” Max Width $24.95

Large Plug: 4.5” insert size X 2” Max Width $29.95

  • Item #: E3246

Easy-In Stainless Steel Butt Plug

Price: $19.95
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