Emotional Metal Anal Me
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Emotional Metal Anal Me

EMAM632 - $59.00

Anal play is
something that can be intense and exciting all in one. Of course, if you are
going to go down this road, you are going to need a toy that you can play with.
That is where the Anal Me fits in (pun intended). The medical grade surgical
steel allows you to enjoy your toy for years to come and makes for a smooth
entry into the world of anal play. It’s small enough to enjoy by yourself at
home yet intense enough for you to have a friend give you a helping hand. If
you enjoy anal or are looking to try it out for the first time this is definitely
the toy you want to turn to for some beginner’s fun.



Emotional Metal Anal Me for Your
First Time

When it
comes to entry into the world of anal play, many guys have a lot of issues with
it. This is true even for gay men that are just getting serious about starting
a relationship. Bottom line is that most of them really want to be “eased into”
it all. They don’t really want a lot of stretching pain involved in the process
of getting down to their pleasure. Now, for those guys, the Emotional Metal
Anal me can be just what the doctor ordered to get you broken in nice and easy.

sterilized stainless steel motivator slides right into your ass and goes to
work to get you anally excited. The really great thing about it is if you’re a
little shy about getting used to anal toys, this is small enough that you can
use it even when you’re on your own. It also happens to be just perfect if you
want someone else to be in on all the fun and games.

Created from
medical grade surgical steel, this toy cleans up like no other type of toy that
you can imagine. That means that you can do whatever you want when playing with
it and not have to worry about anything happening to get it so dirty that
you’ll never be able to use it again. In fact, this one can be used over and
over again. Once you’ve managed to familiarize yourself with the joys that come
along with super-secret anal play, you’ll be ready to share the Anal Me with
someone special in your life. It’s also something that you can bring out for
any of those unexpected encounters that may pop up if you’re not involved with

All in all,
this is the perfect toy to introduce you to and get you used to the joys of
anal play.

  • Item #: EMAM632

Emotional Metal Anal Me

Price: $59.00
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