Emotional Metal Master
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Emotional Metal Master

EMM567 - $69.00

For all
those guys that are looking to take their anal play to a new level the Metal
Master is here for you. This is not a beginner’s toy by any stretch of the
imagination, but rather something that you should work up to when you are
confident you can handle it. Measuring 5 inches by 2 inches at its largest
point, this egg shaped behemoth will take some time to get used to. Make sure
you use plenty of lube when inserting this monster and take it nice and slow.
This is the toy that all that anal play you have been doing so far is in
preparation for and a perfect way to get yourself ready for that larger than
average cock that you have been trying to find for so long. Just be sure you’ve
got plenty of private time to play before you pull this one out.



Emotional Metal Master to Level Up

The time had
finally come for me to take things up a few notches when it came to my anal
play. I had been playing and practicing with various anal toys to try and
stretch out my opening. The reason that this was so important to me is because
I have a new boyfriend. Now we haven’t taken things to that all important final
level but we’ve done enough things that I’ve been able to see that he’s packing
quite an impressive monster in his pants. While it’s a pretty gorgeous monster,
I’m very much afraid that my poor little ass won’t be able to handle it when
that time comes. So that meant I had to get busy and open myself up to future
options and activities with my new man.

That meant
when I came across the Emotional Metal Master, I knew I had found the answer to
my dilemma. Now, it does come with a warning that it’s not for beginners
because of its size. But I was willing to take a chance and ease my way into
taking the whole thing. I figured if I could take it all with little issues,
then I would be ready to take that anaconda of my new man’s. I was willing to
do anything because I so wanted that man inside of me in the worst way.

When it
arrived in the mail, I broke it out that very night and got started working
with it. I wanted it to be a surprise when the next time I was with my
boyfriend instead of licking and sucking him to orgasm; I would turn up my cute
little ass to him and invite him to take me. I’m very pleased to say that it
worked out almost exactly like that. We had quite a night!


  • Item #: EMM567

Emotional Metal Master

Price: $69.00
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