Emotional Metal Sly Bar
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Emotional Metal Sly Bar

EMSB244 - $74.00

you just don’t want to stop the fun you are having in bed to get out a
different toy. The Sly Bar is the perfect option for you in this regard since
its double sided head allows you to ease into your anal play with the small end
and work up to that all-encompassing orgasm you can reach with the larger head.
Starting out with the 1 inch head will allow you to warm yourself up for what
is about to come. Then, you can push that 1.6 inch head in nice and deep and
see just how long you think you can last before you explode. This is the anal
toy that adventurous men love to play with and something that should definitely
have a place of honor in your toy chest.



Emotional Metal Sly Bar for Lazy Guys

You know how
it is when you’re lying in bed or on the floor or on your living room sofa, and
you’ve got your toy out slowly fucking yourself up the ass and suddenly you
realize that you’re so wet that you need something a bit larger if you’re going
to keep playing. The Emotional Metal Sly Bar is perfect for you! It keeps you
from having to break the momentum that you’ve got going on to get up and go
fetch a toy that will fit a little more snugly for you to allow you to reach
that mind blowing orgasm that you’re trying to attain.

The reason
this works is that the Sly Bar has two different size heads on each end. You
can start out with the smaller end and get your ass all warmed up. Then as you
start to get a little looser and you’re ready to intensify things, all you have
to do is use the larger end of the toy. You’re going to be amazed at just how
easy it is to cum harder than you ever have before when you play with this toy.

else you might consider is how much fun the Sly Bar will be for partner action.
This is going to be so much fun to tease at first and then work into a full
blown pleasing. The cries of ecstasy it will produce will be like nothing that
you’ve never experienced in your life. The Sly Bar also works as the perfect
gift for that that special couple you may know that are ready to take their fun
to a whole new and exciting level. Don’t be selfish. Share your secret!

  • Item #: EMSB244

Emotional Metal Sly Bar

Price: $74.00
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