Emotional Metal Thug Plug
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Emotional Metal Thug Plug

EMTP587 - $79.00

One of the
best things about anal play is the ability to be by yourself or with a partner.
The Thug Plug allows those that wish to explore the intensity of anal play by
themselves by adding extra weight so that it will sit up straight on any hard
surface. This allows you to push that .6 inch tapered end inside you without
having to use your hands. Now you can get your anal fix in and masturbate at
the same time while you are alone.

The best
thing about the Thug Plug is that the tapered design pushes you to the limits
as you move up slowly to the 1.6 inch base. You may not be able to get all 1.6
inches inside you on the first couple of tries, but the 6 inches of length will
definitely let you know how great it feels to try. The Thug Plug gives you the
challenge that you have been looking for without requiring an extra set of
hands to hold it in place. What more could you want from such a cool design?



Get Corked with the Emotional Metal
Thug Plug

If you find
yourself in the position of being alone while being in the mood for a little
anal play, nothing gets the job done like the Emotional Metal Thug Plug. How is
that possible, you may ask? The answer is pretty simple. You don’t even need
your hands to use this one. It is specially made so that it will sit on any
level surface while you sit down on it. The 6 inch length is perfect for
players of all levels of experience and the tapered shape makes it a lot more
realistic when it comes to feeling like you’ve been invaded in a great way. The
only way that this can get any better is if you’ve got your partner sitting
underneath you sliding his hard cock up your ass as you sit on him. When you
think about it in those terms, you’ll know exactly what kind of fun that this
toy gives to you.

If you’ve
been trying out various anal play toys for a while, this may be the one that
you’ll settle on next to add to your toy chest. It’s going to make you feel
things that you’ve never felt when playing alone in the past. In fact, it might
just eliminate the need for a constant partner altogether. Granted, the Thug
Plug isn’t able to offer you oral pleasures but as far as anything you want to
gain from anal play, this is the toy for you.

All you have
to do is try it out and you’ll be a huge fan of all the sensations it can make
you experience. You might also want to tell some of your closer guy friends
about it so that they can have some fun, too. It seems to be too good a secret
not to share.



  • Item #: EMTP587

Emotional Metal Thug Plug

Price: $79.00
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