Emotional Metal Titan
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Emotional Metal Titan

EMT8973 - $189.00

Once you
have passed that point of no return and all the anal play you have been
participating in becomes common for you, the Metal Titan rears its artfully
crafted head and shows you that you have just begun the path you are on.
Beginners beware; this is something you need to have a lot of practice with
anal before attempting to use. In fact, there are quite a few advanced and
extreme anal play junkies out there that will second guess using this monster.

The Metal Titan has been named appropriately in that it is 11 inches long with a 1.9 inch head on one side and a 2.1 inch head on the other. This is the toy that will either break you of your anal addiction or make sure that addiction is set in stone. Designed for those anal freaks that really want to get down and nasty with their toys, the Titan will prove one way or another that this is the sexual excitement that you have been looking for all these years.



Be Courageous with the Emotional
Metal Titan

If you’re
one of those guys that really likes to push your limits, then the Emotional
Metal Titan is the toy for you. Be forewarned, though, before you push that
order button for this monster that you better be a pretty experienced guy when
it comes to anal play. This is not meant for the faint of heart and the
beginner when it comes to sliding things up your ass.

Think of
what this 11 inch long instrument can do to you especially when you think that
one head boasts of 1.9 inches and another one that has an impossible 2.1
inches. Now consider what that will mean when it comes to stretching your
asshole. You probably just took in a big breath and tightened those ass cheeks
together. On the other hand, there may be some of you that just threw your legs
over your shoulders, spread your ass cheeks apart, and shouted “Bring it on!”
For those of you that may have just done that, more power to you. But before
you decide to just take the plunge, so to speak, you better get a really good
look at this huge accessory. You might also want to have plenty of good lube on

It’s kind of
one of those toys that will cure you of ever wanting to be involved with anal
play again, or will make you start spending even more time with this toy as
your new favorite best friend. Either way, the Titan is a force to be reckoned
with and you can see just how much courage you have when you unwrap it and
decide to take it on a test run. Once you see it and hold it in your hand for
the first time, the excitement you feel is going to be worth ordering it.

  • Item #: EMT8973

Emotional Metal Titan

Price: $189.00
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