Facts of Life
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The Facts of Life Male Chastity Cage is all about not being fair and, as we all know, there is nothing about life that’s fair. Having your cock locked away in a stainless steel container even one as great looking as this is not fair. Having to sit and watch your significant other having sex with different people and not you is not fair as is not being able to masturbate when you please. It’s like having a lot of money, big house or a big cock not everyone gets to play. Many men would feel it’s not fair to have a metal stainless steel catheter inserted into their penis all the while being forced to fit into a small cage. It’s all no big problem, the men being forced to deal with the Facts of Life male chastity cage understand it’s not about being fair it is about serving your duty and making sure to stay celibate. The Facts of Life is designed with a comfort fit cock ring and a small/moderate size micro cage. Whether fair or not, this design will no doubt be one of your favorites.  
Dimensions: 2 ½” x 1 ¼”


Cock Ring Size:

Available in your choice of

Small 40mm

Medium 45mm

Large 50mm

  • Item #: FOL9788

Facts of Life

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