Full Stretch Fun Plug
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Full Stretch Fun Plugs

Small: 3” Deep x 1.25” hole diameter $17.00
Medium: 4” Deep x 1.6” hole diameter $26.00
Large: 4.4” Deep x 1.9” hole diameter $29.00
Set of all three: $59.00

Open up that hole and let the fun shine in! The Full Stretch Fun Plugs are made of top quality silicone and offer an extremely comfortable yet sensual fit as the soft silicone slides in easily. These plugs are designed to be used on their own for extreme pleasure including anal stretching and flushing, along with creative sex fun and training. What makes these plugs extra special is their contoured design that allows you to use them with your favorite Koala swimsuits, shorts, tights or even under your work attire, which can make for a very special day at the office! The Full Stretch Fun Plugs are available in three sizes and are designed to stretch open your hole and keep it that way. Along with the wonderful feeling of hole stretching and being able to see inside, something many men and women including myself find highly arousing; they offer the intense penetration pleasure of a butt plug.

  • Item #: FS9237

Full Stretch Fun Plug

Price: $17.00
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