Gaping Hole Anal Stretcher Plug 1.75"

Gaping Hole Anal Stretcher Plug

1.75” | GH3378 - $60.00

The standard, all aluminum Anal
Stretcher Plug, made in the USA and crafted by metal artists around the block
from our offices in Los Angeles have been wildly successful sellers beyond what
we ever imagined. We liked them for our own use, and thus, rightly thought our
customers might enjoy them, too. Once customers order their first Stretcher,
usually in the smallest size; they almost always order additional Anal
Stretcher Plugs in larger sizes. The evolution was to go Gaping Hole style. The
thrill of the standard Anal Hole Stretcher is not only how amazing it feels
inside of you, but how incredible and beautiful your stretched ass hole looks.
It is a thing of beauty. Many men and women would love to be able to show off
their gaping hole, but precious few of us can do it for any period of time, if
at all, without help. The Gaping Hole Anal Stretcher builds on the original by
making the viewing hole much larger. This provides a detailed look inside the
wearer and is not only wonderfully arousing to wear, but a visual delight, too!
Plug is available as 1.75” wide, slides in just under 3” deep, and sports a
1.25” gaping hole also available in a 2” Plug . Awesome!

  • Item #: GH3378

Gaping Hole Anal Stretcher Plug 1.75"

Price: $60.00
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