Gates of Hell Ball Cage
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Gates of Hell Ball Cage GH9546 $89.00

Struggle and the pain will be intense. On other hand, learn to enjoy the intensity of the Gates of Hell ball cage and you will learn to enjoy and maybe even love it. This is an incredibly well designed and constructed device equal to the quality of those costing hundreds of dollars more. Heavy duty construction designed for a lifetime of punishment.  My personal experience wearing the Gates of Hell was that at first. I was both intimidated and a little afraid of wearing it.  After using it and getting used to having my balls handled as though they no longer belonged to me, it started to feel great. In fact, it was a feeling I started, and still do, crave.  The way it feels almost defies description although awesome is the first word that pops into my mind followed by exciting, and a feeling like your balls are being constantly handled.

  • Item #: GH9546

Gates of Hell Ball Cage

Price: $89.00
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