Gym Boy
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  • Gym Boy
    GB6832  -  $56.00

  • ***Only available in Clear Piss Yellow, Blood Red or Black***

  • GYM BOY is one cocky sexy toy it’s a smooth shaft with a slightly flared cockhead the kind of meat you’d find on a Abercrombie model a surfer skater dude smooth, slick and a slight bend up the perfect dick. And it stays on your dick.  Small or large, fat, skinny doesn’t matter at the base it is our original COCKSLING design that grips your cock and balls it keeps this fucker planted to your crotch lube up inside the shaft and slide your dick in stretch the ball opening and drop your nuts through the hole easy to put on. There will be air space in front of your cockhead, just grip the shaft and squeeze out the air (it’ll make a nasty fart sound blame it on the dog), this creates vacuum that’ll suck GYM BOY down onto your meat it will not come off til you get off. You gain about 3 inches in length, and a little girth, not too much your dick will be big in GYM BOY, just not too big if that’s possible. Forget about all the awful vinyl cock sheaths you have seen or used up til now they were too hard, didn’t fit, even hurt to wear and they had no stretch at OXBALLS, we know how to make cock and ball toys and we made this one right. This GYM BOY is made of SUPER FLEX TPR our own formula, it is strong, but has amazing stretch we’ve put GYM BOY on 9” fat cocks, and 4” skinny dicks it forms and stretches to take what you got it makes you thicker and longer and it works even if you’re not fully erect. You can imagine what getting fucked by this GYM BOY will feel like, wearing one feels like a firm hand job, the lube and pre cum inside GYM BOY lets you slide as you fuck in our extensive, and exhaustive testing we shot our wad in GYM BOY while fucking and it looks so awesome seeing your load shoot inside GYM BOY. Use any lube, just wash the thing inside and out with soapy warm water and air dry, as you should with all toys store away from direct sunlight, (like you’d hang this on a clothesline to dry) sheesh.  We suggest storing all dildo and similar shape toys inside a clean cotton sock, it’s a cheap way to protect your toys and nuthin’s too good for your favorite GYM BOY

  • Info:
    Made in USA design copyright OXBALLS
    SUPER FLEX TPR, a skin safe, phthalate free rubber non toxic and approved for use in sex toys.
    Lube safe:  water base, oil base, water/silicone hybrid, silicone lubes
    Cleaning:  detergent and warm water, air dry.
    Stats (inches/cm):
    Total Length:  8.75 inches
    Total Circumference:  average 6.5”
    Usable Length:  8 9”
    Weight:  8.2 oz.

  • Item #: GB6832

Gym Boy

Price: $56.00
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