Half Pipe
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Half Pipe

HP7955 - $59.00

For all
those Masters and Mistresses out there that are looking for a chastity cage to
force their slaves into while still allowing a bit of teasing to take place,
the Half Pipe is for you. This metal casing takes control of their sexual urges,
yet gives the head a bit of breathing room when they become aroused. This makes
it easy to tease and distress their cock to no end but still keeps them from
experiencing full erections or any kind of sexual gratification on their part.
For the guys that are looking for a new and unique chastity cage to wear around
the house, the Half Pipe might just be the design you are looking for. It will
definitely have you wondering why you haven’t been wearing it before now.

 Cock ring sizes

Small cock ring 1.5"

Medium cock ring 1.8"


Half Pipe can be Half Time Play

The Half
Pipe is a favorite among chastity slave owners as it gives them just enough of
an opening to tease and play with the head of the slave’s cock but still
regresses the use of an erection making it one of the most valuable torture
devices in a slave owner relationship. It is truly a work of art on how it
allows the head to peek out from the pip when arousal is happening and tucks
itself back in like a turtle in its shell when there is nothing arousing
happening in the vicinity. Think of how much fun you could have with something
like that.

The Half
Pipe is one of those designs that was specifically made for the teasing and
torture that is all part of the chastity slave lifestyle. It’s one of those
things that any good owner will have handy to place their slave into before the
fun starts. While it can be worn on a long term basis, this design is
particularly well made for those couple of hours when you are in the bedroom.
Nothing can turn a slave on like having the head of their cock tickled, and
nothing can turn an owner on like knowing they can't get an erection for that.

something like this takes a bit of practice, but your slave owner should be
able to give you all the practice you need when the time is right. If you don’t
have a slave owner, but you still want to experience the thrill of having the
head of your cock played with, then the Half Pipe is something you should
definitely get your hands on. It’s one thing to lock yourself up and never let
your cock out, but it’s a completely different story when you give yourself the
chance to become aroused by playing with the head of your cock in a Half Pipe.

  • Item #: HP7955

Half Pipe

Price: $59.00
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