Jaws of Pain Ball Stretcher
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Jaws of Pain Ball Stretcher
Cock Ring / Shaft Ring

J97633  -  $69.00


Use it up to three different ways!

Calling all slaves, sissies, cock worshippers and ball stretching lovers! The new Jaws of Pain Ball Stretcher is a sight to behold. No premature ejaculation with this monster stainless steel seven plus once cock/ball/torture device! Two rows of teeth will keep you from obtaining anything resembling an orgasm while clamped tightly around your balls.  30mm wide to the teeth with an outer width of 50mm, the ring is ¾” wide, which means the balls will be stretched during use and, permanently, with enough practice. Easy open hinge makes fitting it on a snap but, once closed and locked, escape is futile. Extremely heavy duty construction built for a lifetime of pain and pleasure. Men on the smaller size should feel free to use it as a cock ring, too.  Men with large cocks can use this as a shaft ring if that pleases you.

  • Item #: J97633

Jaws of Pain Ball Stretcher

Price: $69.00
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