Just Say No
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Just Say No JSN8924 $55.00

Just Say No to routine sex and yes to the most amazing orgasms when you are finally allowed to have one! This addition to our male chastity offerings was a very personal one. This is the cage I started wearing recently, and it continues to be one of my favorites. Great looks are always a big hook for me but, beyond the appearance, this is a no holds barred cock cage. There is no cheating or getting aroused here. The Just Say No is all about denying all sexual pleasure. The curved main cock ring is way up on our list of most comfortable ones to wear, especially for extended use. It is all stainless steel construction. 2.75" cage



Cock Ring Size

Small 1.5"

Medium 1.75"

Large 2.00"

  • Item #: JSN8924

Just Say No

Price: $55.00
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