Little Boy Blue
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Little Boy Blue

LBB5937  -  $89.00

A male chastity device that complete the mission by splitting, separating and rendering useless; micro male chastity is at its absolute best!

 The Little Boy Blue is one of our new double cock ring massive duty male chastity devices. If this was not one of the most secure cock cages on the planet, you might by tricked into thinking it is just a beautiful piece of cock jewelry. Let’s settle on it being both! It’s bad enough that you have to settle for having such a small cock, but looking at the bright side; you are able to wear this gorgeous cage and, if your master or key-holder sees fit, have its stainless steel catheter placed inside of you, too. Little Boy Blue is so comfortable to wear that you will be blown away, but keep in mind that once you are both screwed and locked in; there will be no stimulation other than visual. The Little Boy Blue weighs in at a meaty 11.5 ounces. . Dimensions: 1 1/2” X 1 1/8” Double cock ring thickness adds ¾” to total length


Cock Ring Size

Available in your choice of

Small 40mm


Large 50mm

  • Item #: LBB5937

Little Boy Blue

Price: $89.00
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