Little Lad male chastity cage. Stainless steel male chastity, stainless steel cock cage, cock cage
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Little Lad
LL5788 - $52.00 

The Little Lad offers Beauty and utility in one tiny package. This is the perfect small penis male chastity cage. You could force a normal size penis into it for fun, but for you boys with little cocks; this is the ticket to no more sex period, but with fashion and style. A sculptured shaft cover is just the right size to show off how incredibly small you are or can be. Heavy duty stainless steel construction is built to last and retain its good looks.
The Little Lad will be a wonderful addition to your collection or an awesome first cock cage.
The shaft covers measure 33mm wide x 43mm long.
Also available in  Small40mm, Medium 45mm or Large 50mm cock ring size.

  • Item #: LL5788

Little Lad

Price: $52.00
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