Little Puppy
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Little Puppy  $59.00

From our exclusive "Handmade Series"



It’s hard to believe that the Little Puppy is only the third smallest size device in our line of Handmade Series chastity cock cages, but it is true. Stunningly small while being completely secure, it is ready to package your cock in a cage that will show off how far you are from being a real man. High quality hand made construction created from stainless steel is made for both short term and long term use. The Koala Male Chastity Store is your number one source on the planet for micro sized cock cages. The Little puppy is certainly in the running for one of the world’s smallest male chastity devices. Enjoy the thrill of no longer having access to your manhood.



Small 1.5” Cock Ring


Medium 2.00” Cock Ring


Large 3.00” Cock Ring

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Little Puppy

Price: $59.00
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