Lock and Load
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Oh my god, this unit is fucking fantastic! This is the ultimate cock lock down submission system offering total control from your rectum to the tip of you penis. In this case, the pictures are worth a thousand words but, just in case you don’t believe your eyes; here is everything that is going on. The 3 ½ “ stainless steel curved anal plug is mounted deep inside of you with a stainless steel rod running from the anus to the tip of the penis and beyond. The balls are individually separated, squeezed, and clamped into place with you or your master/mistress controlling the amount of pressure. At this point, you are ready to have an amazing orgasm. But wait; there’s more! The shaft is pulled tight as far as it will go and clamped down in place just below the penis head. The Lock and Load is all stainless steel and fully adjustable. Now ask yourself: Are you man enough for this wicked bad boy?

  • Item #: LL2345

Lock and Load

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