Love Crush
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Love Crush  LC4995 $59.00

Available in  Medium 1.75” or Large 2”

The Love Crush is a dual purpose, adjustable cock ring/ball.  That does both extremely well. I’m sure these are out there, but this is the first one I have ever seen. When we received the sample from our manufacture, I was blown away! Not only is it an  intensely cool idea, it has an amazing level of quality.  After all, this polished stainless-steel wonder is manufactured by a surgical tool company. It is designed and finished to a medical grade quality. The Love Crush as a cock ring gives you unparalleled control over how much tension and pressure you want. Clamp it down hard and keep that erection hard and stiff.  As a ball ring, you can control how much tension is on the scrotum as your balls are pulled away from the shaft and cinched down. Doesn’t that sound like a really exciting way to spend your solo time?

  • Item #: LC4995

Love Crush

Price: $59.00
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