Love Lessons
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Love Lessons
LL8367 - $24.95

This great starter butt plug will work with all Koala butt plug enabled swimwear designs and is compact and small enough to work completely hidden away with virtually all of our swimwear, shorts and tights.  As most of our customers know at Koala, we believe in anal stimulation for all, no matter what your sexual orientation. We hate to see anyone miss out on the fun. After all, wearing a tiny micro swimsuit on a busy beach with a plug inside of you is an awesome and totally pleasurable experience. We have added the Love Lessons to our line specifically for the men who find standard silicone butt plugs, even our small size ones, too large to start with. I can honestly say any man or woman can comfortably use the Love Lessons Butt Plug. Also, it is fantastic for the experienced anal pro who craves something a little smaller on occasion.  The Dimensions are: 4” insert size ¾” maximum width.

The construction is stainless steel with a smooth contoured design that will slide in easily with the smallest bit of lube. Love Lessons offers you discreet pleasure that will be as fun on the beach, at work, at the gym, and maybe something unusual like having sex with yourself or a lover.  The low rise lay flat top is shaped to your opening, making this a virtually invisible plug.

  • Item #: LL8367

Love Lessons

Price: $24.95
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