Man Cave
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Man Cave

MC4788 - $69.00

When it
comes to taking complete control of your cock in a way that makes you wonder if
you are ever going to see it again, the Man Cave is the design for you. This
massive full metal enclosure keeps your cock under complete lock down
regardless of what you might want. The end cap screws off so that you can
urinate when wearing it for long periods of time, or for those moments when
your partner has decided that you need to have the head of your cock teased
just enough to make you really miserable. This is a design that will show you
exactly what male chastity is all about and you will love every second of it
because you have no choice in the matter.


Cock ring size

Small 1.5"

Medium  1.8"


Are you Ready to Enter the Man Cave

The typical
design for most chastity devices include the fact that you can usually see the
entire cock through the cage. It’s more like jail bars separating you from your
cock, but not with the Man Cave device. This monster completely hides your cock
from view no matter what you are doing and blocks off the opening so there is
no way that you can have your cock teased by touch. Of course, the end cap does
screw off to allow you to urinate or have your owner tease you when they feel
the time is right. But other than that, you are pretty much stuck in a literal
cave for your cock.

This design
for a chastity device is definitely one that will take complete control where
other designs might not. In fact, just thinking about getting an erection in
this design is a moment of futility that you will never forget. You have to
understand that this is one of those devices that advanced users and hardcore
chastity slaves are going to be wearing on a regular basis. While most
beginners would love to see what it looks like on them, there is a pretty good
chance that they aren't going to be able to wear it for more than a couple of

When you
want to take your chastity fetish to the next level, this is the device you
should be looking for. The Man Cave definitely deserves a listing at the top of
any slave owners toy list, but for the poor bastard that gets stuck wearing it,
all the guys that have worn one before you will be silently praying that you
can manage to wear it for as long as humanly possible. It’s not going to be an
easy task, but it is going to be one that you are going to have to do on your


  • Item #: MC4788

Man Cave

Price: $69.00
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