Manless Ultra Black Beauty
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Manless Ultra Black Beauty

MUBS584 - $59.00

It doesn’t
matter if you are a first time chastity guy or a cuckold master; the Manless
Ultra Black Beauty is the perfect addition for any man’s chastity desires. The
durable solid black plastic makes this device comfortable to wear for the
nightly humiliation of your cock or the long term chastity aspect you have been
searching for all your life. With the addition of multiple rings and spacers,
you can make the perfect adjustments to fit any cock, no matter how big or
small. This is the most desirable design has to offer and one
that every chastity guy over the world should have in his repertoire of toys.



Manless Ultra Black Beauty Combines
Sexiness and Chastity

The Black
Beauty is by far one of my favorite chastity devices. I love the fact that you
can get the perfect fit with all the spacers and rings that come with it so
that no matter what size your cock is it will keep it under control. Of course,
the black plastic makes my cock look as sexy as it ever could look and the
comfort is far beyond some of the other designs that are available these days.
It’s a personal decision for every guy, but I would highly suggest you try this
one out to see what it’s like.

You never
know when you are going to need a perfect fitting chastity device, and the
Black Beauty is going to fit you perfectly no matter what. You can't get that
kind of fit with some of the more conventional devices on the market, and that
means you are constantly running the risk of it falling off or twisting into a
mess while you are walking down the street. I have had a few devices twist
completely upside down while I was wearing them and that is something you never
want to have to go through; trust me on this.

I love
wearing my chastity devices everywhere I go and the Black Beauty is so
comfortable that I usually forget that I even have it on. That forgetfulness
comes in very handy when I am working and trying to focus on other things
besides my cock. You will love being able to lock your device in place and not
think about it again until you absolutely have to. I know that is one of the
main reasons that I have decided to stick with this particular device and one
that you should really try to consider when you start looking around for your
first device or a new one to change things up with.


  • Item #: MUBS584

Manless Ultra Black Beauty

Price: $59.00
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