Manless Ultra Blue Prince
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Manless Ultra Blue Prince

MUBP7543 - $59.00

Looking for
something a bit cooler in your chastity device? The Blue Prince will give your
cock that icy look you have always wanted while keeping it locked in place and
under control. The Manless Ultra designs are the hottest designs around when it
comes to keep your cock under control. You can bet that the Blue Prince will
make sure that the temperature in the bedroom stays at a comfortable level as
long as you are wearing it and have it locked in place.




Manless Ultra Blue Prince is Chastity
Device Royalty

When you
want to cool things down in the bedroom a bit, the Blue Prince is the chastity
device you should try. Sure, it might not take away from the excitement at all,
but the cool blue color will show the person you are with that you are serious
about the fun you are having. This isn't the type of style that is going to
scream sex as soon as you walk into the room. Rather, it will gently whisper
all the naughty things you want that person to do to you while you are wearing

The Blue
Prince will have you wishing you could take the key out and unlock it almost as
soon as you put it on. That is because the comfort level is so high that you
will almost instantly start to get an erection as soon as you click that lock
on it. There are hundreds, if not more, options available for you when it comes
to male chastity devices, but the Blue Prince will set all those others aside
and show you what it means to take full control of your cock in any situation.
This is a must have for any guy that is as cool on the outside as this design
is under his pants.

When you
really want to go wild and crazy, you can pick up the Red Devil and try it out.
But when you want to relax and show the person you are with that you have a
sensual side as well as a wild side, the Blue Prince is the chastity device for
you. This is the device that will make you constantly think of getting a blow
job with a mouth full of cooling and soothing ice, which you will get to enjoy
for the entire duration of time that you are choosing to wear it for.

  • Item #: MUBP7543

Manless Ultra Blue Prince

Price: $59.00
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